National Seniors Australia’s Concessions Calculator and Campaign


National Seniors Australia (NSA) is an organisation that seeks to advocate for older Australians and has recently undertaken a comparison of state and territory concession cards for seniors.

What they discovered was that each jurisdiction offers different concessions. Northern Territory and Western Australia extend several concessions to low-income self-funded retirees who hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, while in most other jurisdictions, concessions are limited to Pension Concession Card holders.

NSA concedes that there is nothing inherently wrong with jurisdictions offering different concessions, however, they argue that it is important that seniors are not unfairly disadvantaged because of regional inconsistencies. To this end, they have launched a campaign to ask the Government some important questions about concessions:

• Do concessions reflect actual living costs?
• Are they arbitrarily set?

If you want to check out your concessions and use the simple to use calculator, then visit their concession campaign page.

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