Thank a First Responder Day – Wednesday 9th June

Thank a First Responder Day

Did you know that Australia has over 300,000 first responders? First responders include ambulance paramedics, fire-fighters, and police officers, all of whom play a critical role in our communities.

Fortem Australia is an organisation that is dedicated to supporting the mental health of first responders and their families. Recent studies show that the cumulative effects of repeated traumatic and dangerous situations by first responders put them at far greater risk of psychological distress and mental health conditions than those in other professions.

This year Fortem is urging people across Australia to help first responders feel appreciated by getting involved in Thank a First Responder Day on Wednesday 9th June.

We are all asked to post messages of thanks on our social media channels using the hashtags #ThankAFirstResponder and #PowerOfThanks. In the evening of the 9th June, monuments around the country will turn teal as a further show of gratitude for first responders. Regional light up locations include the Big Merino, here in Goulburn.

Fortem co-founder and Managing Director, John Bale, says 2021 has been a big year for first responders. “Our first responders have never been under more pressure, with bushfires, floods and the pandemic requiring acts of bravery and resilience beyond what most people could comprehend.

“It’s rare for first responders to meet the people whose lives they’ve saved, after the event. Sometimes they might get a thank you letter, but not always,” said Mr Bale. “First responders would be the last people to brag about the work they do, but they benefit enormously from knowing the public supports and values them – that’s why we’re asking all Australians to say thank you on June 9.”

Visit to find out how you can show your appreciation to Australia’s first responders on the 9th June.

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