This Week’s Goulburn Good Deeds During Lockdown


The following are positive posts from the Goulburn Notice Board Facebook site, and highlight just some of the wonderful people in our area:

• One person posted the following “A little girl is turning five this Tuesday (3rd September) and her family are really struggling with the fallout of job loss, hours cut with the other parent’s work and mounting debts. I do not want to see her wake up to nothing on her birthday…so I want to rally the community to perhaps do a kindness to help this little girl AND other kids who are missing out due to hardships that are totally out of their control. If you’d like to do something for this little girl, just inbox below and I can give you more details. I am told she loves Barbie, Frozen and the typical things little girls like when they are five. She also loves chocolate and is a size 5 in girls’ clothing. Her brothers also need size 12-14 undies and socks (for an 11 year old boy). Please let me know if you can assist. I am rallying people together to do kindness for this family - which is what all the people do at Goulburn Community Kindness Project.”

• Another Goulburn resident posted the following “Today I was in Aldi and a lovely lady ahead of me paid for the groceries of the person ahead of her, as their credit card was declined. She quietly just said “I’ll sort that out”. The cashier thanked her multiple times, but she didn’t want any thanks or attention. If you are reading this, it made me grateful to live in our area, and you are a legend.

• Another Goulburnite posted the following “Thumbs up for two Goulburn local businesses. Because of the heavy rain last week my gutters were leaking… Decided to go to Steel N Stuff at Addison St: very helpful didn’t have what I needed but said try Southern Plumbing at Clinton St. They were very helpful as well but unfortunately didn’t have what I needed but advised me to check out the recycling yard, which had what I needed. Locals looking after locals, gotta love Goulburn. Support your local businesses.”

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