Transition and Employment Program for National Security and Law Enforcement Personnel


Last week Fortem Australia announced its Transition & Employment Program for national security and law enforcement personnel seeking a career change.

“We know that transitioning out of service can be a challenge, and often comes on the back of a career that has involved trauma. Our approach is very mindful of the range of emotions and needs that come at this point in someone’s life,” said John Bale, Managing Director, Fortem Australia.

Fortem’s well established wellbeing activities and clinical support are a cornerstone of the Transition & Employment Program and point to a holistic approach to mental fitness.

“Our Transition Engagement Officers come with lived experience and their own background with a variety of first responder agencies, they have all travelled the career transition path.

“This program and the people who drive it will honour service and recognise the ongoing and unique capabilities of national security and law enforcement personnel,” Mr Bale said.

Launched by the Minister for Home Affairs, the Hon. Karen Andrews MP, at a virtual ceremony from Parliament House in Canberra, the program will work with agencies and with first responders themselves, to provide support, coaching, and guidance.

“Australians are rightly proud of the service of those who protect us each and every day from terrorism, violent extremism, child sexual exploitation, organised crime, people smuggling, human trafficking, and a range of other threats,” Minister Andrews said.

“These aren’t ordinary jobs – they can take a toll on individuals and their families – so it’s only right that we take action to protect the people that protect Australia, and who keep us all safe.”

Fortem’s Transition & Employment Program is supported by $1.9 million in Commonwealth Government funding to establish a pilot program to support the healthy, positive and timely transition of those national security and law enforcement personnel, leaving service.

Fortem is working towards extending its Transition & Employment Program to everyone in the first responder community soon, incorporating state-based emergency agencies.

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