VIEW supporting the Learning for Life Program of The Smith Family

VIEW - Joan Scott & Belinda Bent

VIEW (Voice, Interests and Education of Women) actively raises awareness of and participates in the work of The Smith Family. VIEW women volunteer their time helping disadvantaged children to make the most of their education, including reading to pre-school children, mentoring at local Smith Family after-school Learning Clubs, sharing craft skills through the making of student stationery packs and assisting with student breakfast programs at Schools.

VIEW sponsors 1450 disadvantaged Australian children through The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program which provides support in the form of access to literacy programs (including reading, financial and digital skills-building initiatives) delivered by mentoring and tutoring, along with financial support for essential school items such as uniforms, books and excursions.

At the Goulburn Day View Club March 2021 Meeting members were asked the following question:

What do you think is the most important thing that students gain when they are supported by The Smith Family?

They gain a sense of (being) worthwhile, especially when they are able to wear school uniforms and go on excursions, and also having the books to write in. - Pat

I think the students feel encouraged, more confident, and pleased that others are thinking of them - which makes them try harder. - B.B.

I hope these children feel better about themselves because they receive a “hand up” which means they have what other kids have and can go on excursions and school functions etc. - Joan

VIEW – Maree de-Britt

VIEW – Maree de-Britt

Gain self-esteem, have access to learning and socialisation. It gives them a “hand up” and hopefully teaches them to do the same for others. - Maree

I think confidence at school and a meaning and purpose in everyday life. - Marie

The Learning for Life Programme is strictly for the education of needy children thus trying to eliminate the cycle of poverty. - Maggie T

I think any child that received any help would be very grateful and very excited. - D. McC

VIEW – Maria Kenk

VIEW – Maria Kenk

It gives the child confidence. - Maria Kenk

One on one teaching and help is always better for the student and having the right equipment is better too. - PDH

Besides an opportunity to improve their education, they gain dignity to work alongside their peers and have the chance to go further in the world. - D.N.

The fact that they can have proper shoes and uniform gives them confidence and a sense that they are part of the school community. - Carol Olsen

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