Aquathon weeks 12 and 13


As we enter the final third of the Aquathon season many competitors are beginning to hit their straps and are recording solid results. It is also the time of year when many are training for upcoming regional events such as the Big Husky Triathlon Festival on the south coast, the Jackie Fairweather memorial triathlon in Canberra as well as the Off Road TREX triathlon in Lake Crackenback.

The club is continuing to attract new members with Bobby Remington, Gabrielle and Lorraine Davey and Ethan Hargood bolstering numbers in the Novice division and Stephanie Mowle diving straight into the more gruelling Open 2 division.

This Tuesday we saw some impressive run splits across the board with James Feld and Elsie Apps impressing in the Novice race with 2 km run times just over 10minutes 30seconds. Shannon Apps, Nadine Moroney and Danielle Connell all broke the 20-minute barrier for 4kms in the Open 2 race and 4 men went under 18 minutes in the Men’s Open 2, Jason Pattison, Damien Ottley and Alex Skeffington’s times of around 17 minutes 50 slightly shadowed by the impressive 14 minutes 27 by Tom Skeffington. In the Open 3 race no-one went near the sub-4-minute k’s put in by Kurt Warn and Isaac Hogan.

Also, of note, this week was the first time that the entire Men’s field went under 30 minutes in the men’s 400/4k open 2 event. Results from round 12 and 13 are as follows:

Novice 100/2

Week 12
Ladies – Stella McIntyre 1st, Elsie Apps 2nd Chelsea Rayner 3rd
Men – Charlie Moss 1st, James Feld 2nd, Ethan Hargood 3rd
Week 13
Ladies – Elsie Apps 1st, Bobby Remington 2nd, Gabrielle Davie 3rd
Men – James Feld 1st, Charlie Moss 2nd, Ethan Hargood 3rd

Open 1 200/ 4km

Week 12
Ladies – Ava McIntyre 1st, Kelly McKellar 2nd, Violet Ottley 3rd
Men - Jamie Miles 1st, Daniel Fleming 2nd, Cody Poetsch 3rd
Week 13
Men – Evan Goad Tied with Jamie Miles 1st, Daniel Fleming 3rd

Open 2 400/4km

Week 12
Ladies - Nadine Moroney 1st, Jess Kennedy 2nd, Shannon Apps 3rd
Men - Tom Skeffington 1st, Jason Pattison 2nd, Mick Beard 3rd
Week 13
Ladies - Nadine Moroney 1st, Shannon Apps 2nd, Danielle Connell 3rd
Men - Tom Skeffington 1st, Jason Pattison 2nd, Damian Ottley 3rd

Open 3 600/6

Week 12
Ladies - Olivia Stutchbury 1st, Nik Christen 2nd
Men - Kurt Warn 1st, Kerry Baxter 2nd, Isaac Hogan 3rd
Week 13
Men - Kurt Warn 1st, Isaac Hogan 2nd Llewellyn Davies

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